How to Fix Up Your Yard in 4 Quick Steps

25 January 2017
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A yard filled with overgrown bushes, trees with low lying branches, and uncut grass is just as startling as a stretch of land that is brown, barren, and devoid of any plant-life. Your yard might not be getting a lot of use simply because you don't like the way it looks, but it can be fixed up by spending a little of your spare time wisely. Having a manicured lawn and yard will make you feel prideful and also will impress your neighbors, so here are the four best ways that you can reshape your outdoor space so that it looks neat and presentable. Read More 

Steps For Removing Oil Stains In Carpet

9 September 2016
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Whether it's motor oil tracked in on someone's shoes or olive oil from the bruschetta at your last cocktail party, an oil stain on the carpet may seem permanent. Fortunately, you can usually get the stain out completely so the car looks like new again. It will take a bit of effort and time, but the following guide can help you win against the stain. Supplies: You will need the following supplies: Read More 

Three Mistakes That Can Shorten the Lifespan of Your Water Heater

1 July 2016
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You and your family rely on your water heater for hot water, but you may not think about this home appliance very often. If your water heater is like many, it might be tucked in an out-of-the-way place in your basement or in a utility closet. It can be easy to take on an "out of sight, out of mind" approach when it comes to water heaters, but there are certain mistakes that can shorten the lifespan of this appliance. Read More 

Troubling Chemicals That May Be Lingering In Your Drinking Water

28 February 2016
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According to the Safe Drinking Water Act, a contaminate is defined as a chemical, physical, biological, or radiological matter or substance inside of your drinking water. Technically, the law defines a contaminate as anything that is not a water molecule floating in the water. Unfortunately, you can expect to drink water from your sink with small amounts of contaminants. The problem arises when there is too much of something specific that may pose a health risk to you and your family. Read More 

Wood Windows: A Practical And Beautiful Choice

26 February 2016
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When it comes time to choose windows, either for new construction or as replacement models, you may gravitate first to vinyl windows as the most economical and practical choice. However, wood windows offer you a design element along with practicality that makes them a logical and reasonable option for many homeowners.  Aesthetics Wood windows add a beautiful design element to your home, unlike that of other materials. Wood is a timeless choice, but it also offers you a number of options in terms of wood type and color. Read More