Why You Might Need A Land Surveyor

28 January 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Land surveying is a specialized skill that can be used for a variety of purposes. Everyone from construction companies to engineers to just regular homeowners can benefit from hiring a local land surveyor. Here are just some of the different scenarios where hiring a land surveying expert might be worth it for you or your company.

You Need to Figure Out the Exact Location of a Property Line

Most homeowners are generally friendly with their neighbors and the exact location where one property ends and another begins might not be a big deal to most people. But there are sometimes situations that can cause a property dispute. Maybe a tree is growing out of control and you feel like it's branches are dangerously hanging over what you believe is your property. Whatever the reason, knowing the exact location of the property line can help de-escalate the situation on both sides. You might also want to know this location if you ever need to move your septic line or any other utility and you want to make sure that you don't accidentally relocate it somewhere that encroaches on your neighbor.

The stakes can be much higher when talking about commercial real estate. Most business owners are very protective of their property, so you'll want to know the exact spot you can build to, even down to the inch. A land surveyor with commercial experience can also figure out the exact grade of the road or area so you can make sure your office building's foundation is as stable as possible.

Land Surveying for Tax or Real Estate Purposes

All homeowners and property owners have to pay taxes on said property. But if your property has never been officially surveyed, it's possible you could be getting held responsible for a larger area of land than what you actually own. It would also be a good idea to have the exact outline of your land if you are looking to sell it to another person. This information will help the new owner calculate and be sure of their own taxes before the deal closes. Being able to provide official documents from a land surveyor could help you close out a real estate transaction sooner rather than later.

Those are just some of the more popular reasons to work with a land surveyor. Land surveying is a great way to figure out your exact property lines so as to move a transaction along, resolve a dispute or reduce your own bills. Contact a local land surveyor like http://www.communitysciences.com today for more information.