Running Water And Drilling Wells: Everything You Need To Know About Where To Drill Water Wells And Equipment For Your Home

26 December 2019
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If you live in an area without municipal water service, drilling a well is probably the only option to get running water to the plumbing in your home. Before you have water well drilling done, there are some things to consider, such as where to drill and the type of equipment you need. The following guide will help you choose where to start drilling and the water equipment that needs to be installed after drilling has been completed: 

The Elevations of The Terrain and How It Affects the Location of Water Well Drilling  

Elevations of terrain can affect where you drill for water. Often, groundwater beneath the surface follows the terrain and areas where there is a runoff or valley can be good places to drill. In addition, you can have a geological survey done before drilling to locate water easier and know the depth that new water well needs to be drilled before drilling.  

Choosing the Distance Between the Well and Your Home and the Cost of Materials  

It is also important to consider the distance between the well and your home. If you can have the well drilled closer to your home, this means that materials costs will be lower because fewer pipes and wires are needed to get water from the well to your home. You also want to consider things like septic systems and make sure the well is drilled as far away as possible from the septic drain field.  

Different Types of Well Pumps and The Best Solution for The Water Needs of Your Property  

There are a couple of types of well pumps that you can have installed for the water needs of your home, including jet pumps installed on the surface or submersible pumps that are installed in the casing of the well. If you have a property where you need to use water for other things like irrigation and livestock, a surface pump will be easier to maintain. If you only need to get the water from the well to your home, a submersible pump is ideal because it is protected from the elements. 

Installing the Right Equipment to Deal with Water Quality Issues and Hard Water  

When installing a water well, there are often problems with water quality that need to be dealt with, such as mineral content or high alkalinity. These are problems that can be dealt with by installing water well systems that filter the water, such as a water softener for hard water due to mineral content in the well. If you have other water quality issues, you will need more filtration and some type of water purification system to ensure clean drinking water for the plumbing in your home.  

Choosing the right location and equipment to install when you need a water well drilled will ensure that your well is reliable and provide clean running water to your home. If you need a new well and equipment installed, contact a water well drilling service for help getting the water running in your home. To learn more about well drilling services, contact a company in your area like Russell Well Drilling.