It's A Solid Plan: Tips For Working With Ready-Mix Concrete

3 July 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Summer is the time for outdoor adventures. If you're like most people, some of those adventures include backyard projects. If your backyard projects involve some concrete work, go ahead and leave the bigger projects to the professional concrete contractors. However, if you've got some smaller projects, you can tackle those on a do-it-yourself basis. Ready-mix concrete makes do-it-yourself projects much easier. Before you get started with your project, here are some tips that will make things go much smoother.

Don't Cut Yourself Short

When it comes to working with ready-mix concrete, the worst thing you can do is cut yourself short on the concrete. You want to make sure that you have enough concrete to completely finish the project. You can ruin the whole thing if you run out of concrete mix before you're done. To avoid that problem, always buy more concrete than you think you're going to use. If you end up buying too much, save it for the next project. If you don't think you're going to have a next project, return the unused packages of concrete to the store for a refund.

Have the Right Gear

Working with concrete isn't as difficult is it sounds. However, you are going to need the right equipment. First, you're going to need a wheelbarrow. You can use your wheelbarrow to haul your packages of concrete to your project location. You can also use your wheelbarrow for mixing your concrete, which will make pouring much easier. You'll also need heavy-duty work gloves to protect your hands from exposure to the concrete. It's also a good idea to wear heavy shoes when working with concrete. You never know when you're going to drop a bag of concrete or run over your toe with your wheelbarrow.

Ensure Access to Water

Before you start mixing your concrete, make sure you have easy access to water. You could lug containers of water over to your wheelbarrow, but it's much easier to have a garden hose nearby. That way, you don't have to hold up the project while you carry water from one location to the next. Not only that but having a hose nearby will help make cleanup easier. You'll need to rinse your wheelbarrow out once you're done using it for your concrete.

Make It a Family Venture

If you've got kids, get them involved in the project. While young children can't do any of the heavy work involved in concrete projects, they can man the faucet and hose for you. They can also help with the mixing, especially if they're old enough to use hand tools such as garden trowels. Your kids will feel like they're contributing and you'll enjoy some fun family time in the yard.

For more information on choosing ready-mix concrete, contact your local supplier.