Caring For The Exterior Of Your Home

26 October 2017
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It's important for a homeowner to do all they can to take care of their entire home, from the inside to the outside. When it comes to caring for the home of your exterior, there are some things you want to do to keep it looking fresh and to prevent future issues from arising. Here are some of the things you should do, or have done, to your homes exterior:

Properly care for your rain gutters and downspouts

Regular walks around the exterior of your home will help you to spot problems in different areas and this includes ones coming up with rain gutters and/or downspouts. If you start to notice any bends or disconnections along the gutters or downspouts, they need to be fixed. If any portion of the gutters or downspouts are cracked, that portion will need full replacing. Also, it goes without saying that you want to be sure to stay on top of cleaning the gutters and removing any clogs in the downspouts.

Remove staining from the exterior walls of your home

The exterior walls of your home can get stained when the wind blows rain and/or dust against them and when mud gets splattered up on the walls. For this reason, you want to stay on top of cleaning those exterior walls in order to keep the exterior of your home looking as nice and fresh as possible. You want to choose a warm and dry day with very, very little wind to take care of the cleaning of these walls. Use plastic and duct tape to cover all vents and electrical outlets. Use a mixture of half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle, scrub stubborn stains and then spray the area with a high-powered nozzle. If there are rust stains that are stubborn, then you may need to use a commercial cleaner. If this is the case, move all furniture out of the way and cover all shrubbery before using the product according to the instructions.

Cleaning your roof

If you notice that your roof is looking like it needs a good cleaning, then you should consider a soft wash roof cleaning to get it looking good again. Not only can this type of cleaning help the roof look better, but it can also remove mildew, mold and other scum that can develop on areas of the roof. When someone comes out to soft wash your roof, they will use chemicals and a lower pressure water spray that will clean the roof without putting it at risk of damages the way that a power washer can. A soft wash can actually extend the health of your roof, increasing your chances of going longer without needing to have repairs done or the roof replaced.

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