3 Reasons To Switch To Seamless Gutters

5 January 2017
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The rain gutters that run along your home's roof line play an important role in protecting your home against water damage. If the time to replace your existing gutters has arrived, you may be surprised to see that there are many different replacement options available on the market. Seamless gutters can provide homeowners with a number of benefits that make these types of gutters a worthwhile investment.

Here are three reasons why you should consider switching over to seamless rain gutters in the future.

1. A seamless gutter system allows you to minimize leaks.

In order to provide maximum protection for your home, your rain gutter system must be able to successfully funnel moisture into the downspout and away from your home's roof and foundation.

Any leaks that arise along the walls of a rain gutter can allow moisture to seep out of the gutter and into your home's roofing materials. Gutter systems that are created using multiple sections of aluminum have seams that serve as potential weak points where leaks can occur. Seamless rain gutters eliminate these joints, allowing you to minimize the potential for leaks.

2. A seamless gutter system traps less debris.

One of the major reasons that gutter systems fail is the presence of trapped debris within the gutters themselves. The joints where one section of aluminum connects to another can serve as snag points for any debris that finds its way into your gutters.

Making the decision to replace your existing gutters with a seamless gutter system eliminates these snag points. This means that your gutters will remain free from trapped debris in the future.

3. A seamless gutter system is less susceptible to rust.

When it comes to maintaining the aesthetic value of your home's exterior, a gutter system that shows signs of rust could be detrimental. Making the choice to install a seamless gutter system could enhance the beauty of your home's exterior by preventing the appearance of rust.

Since seamless gutters are made of long tracks of aluminum, they don't have joints where oxidation can occur. This makes seamless gutters less susceptible to rust over time.

When you understand the benefits that seamless rain gutter systems can provide, it's easy to see why you should consider replacing your existing gutters with seamless ones. These gutters will allow you to minimize leaks and clogs while helping you maintain your home's exterior beauty well into the future.

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