Why Vinyl Is Perfect For Siding

30 November 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


You can dramatically change the look of your home's exterior by adding siding. New siding will not only alter the look of your home, but it will also improve the energy efficiency of your property. Of course, different types of siding have varying styles and energy efficiency. Wood is popular product that looks natural and stylish. Fiber cement gives a home a more modern look, similar to stucco. But, most people choose vinyl because it is cheaper and easier to maintain. This article explains the perks of using vinyl over some of the other options.

Vinyl Is the Easiest to Maintain

Most people will pick vinyl mainly because it is easier to maintain than any of the other options. This is largely due to the fact that the surface is smooth and waterproof. Basically, this surface does not absorb water or dirt. This means that it does not get dirty very easily. When it comes to regular cleaning, vinyl can be easily sprayed down with a hose or wiped down. The dirt and dust will be easily to get off. 

As far as long-term maintenance, vinyl is very easy to take care of. You never need to restain, resurface, dye, or repaint it. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of owning vinyl siding. Each vinyl piece is dyed the same color throughout the entire piece. This means fading is less noticeable. This also means that any scratches to your surface are bound to be less noticeable since there is no color change.

Vinyl Is Stylish

Some homeowners will admit that vinyl is the easiest product to maintain, but they might be skeptical of the style. There are actually many great vinyl styles to choose from. Vinyl siding can be printed and molded into advanced designs. Fake wood prints are popular. People love having the look of real wood without any of the maintenance. The printed vinyl also have a texture that matches the wood grain. Vinyl is also made in most solid colors, without any texture or print. These are popular for more modern construction styles. If necessary, you can even find custom-dyed products to match your own color schemes. The custom products will probably be the most expensive.

Vinyl is obviously a great siding option. It is definitely the product for homeowners who don't want to deal with extensive cleaning and maintenance over the years. Contact a residential siding company in your area for more information.