Create Top-Down Curb Appeal To Sell A Home By Paying Close Attention To The Condition Of The Roof

27 September 2016
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When shopping for homes, most people are looking for security. They want to know the condition of everything in a house, from the HVAC system to the foundation, and many shoppers are especially interested in the age and condition of roofing materials.

Before you put your home on the market, take some time to focus on the roof in the following ways:

Thoroughly inspect the shingles and roofing materials

It's possible to inspect your roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars, but only if your roof is completely visible from down below. You can also examine parts of your roof from upstairs windows or with the help of scaffolding or ladders.

For the most complete assessment of your roof's condition, you or a roofing professional will need to go up top and inspect the entire surface. You want to look for missing shingles, shingles that have been torn ,and shingles with curling edges. 

Storms, animals, and high winds can all take their toll on shingles, so you or the inspector should pay special attention to areas where the shingles may be displaced due to these factors. The roof inspector (whether that's you or a professional) should snap pictures of the damage to help you estimate the repairs and determine how to avoid future damage. For example, you may want to install extra flashing or other protection where birds are chipping away at shingles or where heavy rainstorms are making water pool and leak into the home.

Decide how much you are willing to repair

In many locations, you must disclose faults in the property you're selling, and this includes any roofing issues. Of course, you can sell the house "as is" while explaining what's wrong with the roof, but you may scare off potential buyers if the damage is significant.

If the roof is leaking badly and causing damage to the interior of the home, you should at least take steps to correct this issue. You can get away with patching the roof where there are problems, but this can cause aesthetic issues if the roof is noticeable from the street. The repairs can't ever truly match the old roof, so they will look odd if they are in a prominent location.

If you choose to place an entirely new roof on the home before you sell, be aware that you may not recoup all of the costs of a new roof on a lower-priced home when you find a buyer. More modest homes will see less return than homes in the $400,000+ range, so choose low or moderately priced shingles to get the most back from your roof redo.

Save receipts for roofing materials

If you have your entire roof re-shingled, save all of your receipts and product literature in a safe spot. Make copies of the receipts to put in your promotional home sale materials that you have available for people when showing your home. Seeing the recent date of roofing material purchases and the look of your new roof builds trust in buyers, and they feel smarter for finding a home with a roof they won't need to worry about for a while

The receipts and manufacturers' guides are also helpful to new homeowners who want to know how to properly maintain their roofs. If you chose a specialty roofing material — like white shingles in a hot area, the product literature can help sell the home as it describes the comfort and energy-saving benefits of the specialty shingles. 

Check out roofing contractors' sites to continue reading more about roof repairs.