Maintaining Your Small Tractor

22 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Caring for your home's landscape can be a challenge when you have a large piece of property to maintain. Having a small tractor can help you easily complete landscaping tasks without investing a significant amount of labor. Taking the time to maintain your small tractor is essential when it comes to ensuring its performance.

Here are three tips you can use to help guarantee that your tractor is being properly maintained in the future.

1. Change the spark plugs regularly.

Few tractor owners take the time to swap out the spark plugs in their machines, but this simple task could prevent a lot of serious problems from developing. Worn spark plugs can lead to poor fuel economy, misfires, and hard starts that could damage important mechanical components.

Experts suggest that you change the spark plugs in your tractor after every 100 hours of use or once each season (whichever comes first). Completing this simple maintenance task will help you extend the life of your tractor and improve its performance in the future.

2. Swap out the fuel filter.

When it comes to maintaining your small tractor, monitoring the condition of your fuel filter is essential. When fuel passes through the filter, contaminants that could harm your engine are removed. As the filter becomes full, its ability to properly filter out these contaminants is compromised.

Worn fuel filters can contribute to serious (and expensive) carburetor problems, so taking the time to swap your old filter for a new one can be a simple way to save money and extend the life of your small tractor. Check your owner's manual for specific guidelines as to how often you should be installing a new fuel filter in your tractor.

3. Add fuel conditioner to your gas tank.

Tractors being manufactured within the last 30 years are equipped to run using diesel fuel. This type of fuel can begin to collect water inside the fuel tank, especially during the winter months when your tractor sees significantly less use.

By adding a fuel conditioner that is designed to get rid of any water in the fuel tank and fuel system, you can ensure that water inside your fuel system will not cause engine problems for your tractor in the future.

Taking the time to properly maintain your small tractor is essential when it comes to keeping your machine running properly. Change the spark plugs and fuel filter regularly, and add fuel conditioner to your gas tank to ensure you have access to a functional tractor when completing yard work. If you need help maintaining your tractor, talk to a company that specializes in tractor service.