3 Skid Steer Improvements To Reduce Maintenance Costs And Be More Productive

19 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are a contractor that uses a skid steer to get the job done, maintenance can be something that you constantly have to deal with. This can cause downtime, reduce productivity and increase costs for your business. You may want to make some improvements to your equipment to reduce these common problems, such as using skid steer blades and investing in diesel fuel filtration and guards. Here are some of the skid steer improvements you may want to consider to improve maintenance costs and productivity:

1. Adding Multi-Functional Attachments And Blades

Getting the most out of your attachments is important if you want to be more productive. The fewer attachments you use, the more work you will be able to do. You may want to consider multi-functional attachments, such as flip blades or backhoes with multiple accessories. Changing the attachments less also means that there is less of a chance for damage to be done to things like connections and hydraulic systems.

2. More Control And Protection With Tracks And Guards

Another improvement that you may want to consider is tracks for covering the wheels and guards for things like lights, electrical wiring and hoses. If your skid steer uses tires, adding rubber tracks can give you more control, as well as protect against tire punctures. There are also brush guards that can be added to the multi-functional blades you use for your machine. Other areas you may want to consider adding guards to include the glass on the cab and engine covers.

3. Installing Fuel Filtration And Using Portable Oil Processing Systems

Diesel fuel can be a problem that you will face with your machinery. To solve this problem, consider using an additional fuel filter on your machine. This will ensure that the diesel you use is clean and does not cause damage. In addition, it may be a good idea to invest in a portable fuel and oil filtration system, which helps to remove contaminates and water from your fuels. This is especially important if you use less expensive fuels that can often be dirty and cause damage to modern machinery. This will help reduce maintenance like changing the fuel filter and injectors that become damaged with dirty fuel.

With some of these improvements to your machine, you will be able to get jobs done with fewer repairs. If you are ready to start improving your productivity, contact a vendor of the Tobin Skidsteer Flip Blade to add more control and functionality to your skid steer.