Can Dog Urine Damage Air Conditioning Units?

9 March 2016
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Dogs like to pee on everything that they consider to be their territory. Unfortunately, if your air conditioner is one of the things that your dog considers to be "his territory," then your air conditioner could become a favorite spot for your dog to take a bathroom break. Knowing what dog urine can do to your air conditioner and how you can protect it from dog urine can help you take care of your air conditioning unit.

Can dog urine damage air conditioning units?

Dog urine is corrosive and therefore can damage air conditioners after many exposures over a long period of time. Dog urine can cause your air conditioner condenser to rust.

What can you do to wash away dog urine from your air conditioner?

If your dog pees on the air conditioner, you can wash away the urine by washing out the condenser. To start, cut the power to the air conditioner and remove the top from the condenser. Next, use a shop vacuum to remove leaves and other debris from inside the condenser. Finally, spray the coils with condenser coil cleaner, then rinse the soap with a strong jet of water from your hose. Put the lid back on the condenser, then spray down the outside of the condenser to remove any urine from the outside of the unit.

What can you do to protect your air conditioner from dog urine in the future?

You can protect your air conditioner condenser by building a small structure around the condenser that prevents your dog from getting near the A/C. It's important to ensure that the structure will allow for adequate airflow around your condenser. If you build a chain link fence around the condenser, this will allow for adequate air flow around the unit. However, if you choose to build a privacy fence around the condenser, it must be kept far enough away from the condenser that the condenser will be able to release heat when the air conditioner is turned on. Give the air conditioner at least two feet of clearance in all directions to ensure proper air flow.

For more information about how you can take care of your air conditioner condenser, speak with a professional air conditioner repair person in your area. Your air conditioner repair person should be able to answer your questions and check your air conditioner condenser for signs of rust from dog urine. Contact a company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors to get started.