Why A Chain-Link Fence Can Be Very Versatile

24 February 2016
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When selecting a fence for your yard, you'll need to consider what the purpose of the fence will be. If you are in the country, you may be more concerned with marking your property lines than your privacy. In the suburbs, you main concern may be shielding your backyard from your neighbor being able to look in. Thankfully, a chain-link fence is very versatile, and can be appropriate for almost any situation.

Marking Boundaries

When you need a lot of fencing to enclose an area, you'll be considering the maintenance costs and installation costs. In terms of the cost of material, a chain-link fence is going to be cheap at anywhere between $3 and $6 for a four foot high fence. There will also be virtually no maintenance. Wood will eventually need staining or painting, and vinyl needs washing to prevent it from looking dirty. Since chain-link doesn't require either of these things, it will make the material cost effective when you simply need to mark off the property line.

 Adding Security

You can easily make a chain-link fence more secure by making some upgrades to it. Installing barbed wire at the top will prevent others from trying to climb over the fence. You can even electrify a metal fence if you are concerned about others trying to cut through the fencing material. These are things you cannot do later on with wood or vinyl.

Providing Privacy

Even though the chain-link fencing material is very transparent when initially installed, you can also make upgrades that will improve its privacy later on. For example, thin slats can be woven between the metal wires to provide a barrier that makes it difficult to look into a yard.

Aesthetic Options

The dull and gray color of the galvanized steel may give off a utilitarian appearance. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can improve the aesthetics of the material itself.

It's possible to have chain-link fencing material coated with vinyl. The color can be any color that you want, ideally letting it blend in with the surroundings. For example, if your fence is around a grass back yard, a green vinyl coating will help it blend in perfectly.

You can also swap out the posts for ones that are more decorative. Even though the fence is primarily metal, you can use wood posts to make it look a bit more high end.

For more information on the versatility of a chain-link fence, speak to a fencing contractor in your area.