Tips For Your First Concrete Pouring Project

24 February 2016
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Pouring a concrete slab can be a great way of providing your family with a comfortable outdoor area. While ready mix concrete can be an excellent way of conveniently completing this type of project, some people may not have experience with this type of project. This can cause them to make mistakes that might lead to major problems with the newly poured concrete. Luckily, you can minimize the risk of encountering serious problems by making an effort to use the following couple of tips during your concrete pour.

Allow The Concrete Time To Cure

While quick drying concrete can rapidly harden, some people will make the mistake of failing to realize the importance of allowing the concrete time to cure. The curing process is essential for allowing the residual moisture that is within the concrete to evenly dry. Failing to allow for this time can cause the concrete to be more likely to crack if you plan on placing heavy objects on it. The amount of time required to allow the concrete to cure will depend on the depth of it and the brand of concrete used. Therefore, you should consult the instructions for the brand of concrete that you are using to make sure that you allow enough time for this essential part of the pour.

Protect The New Concrete Against Water Damage

Water can be one of the more common sources of damage to concrete, but it is easy for individuals to overlook these dangers. As a result, it is important for you to be sure to take steps to protect the concrete against this threat. Therefore, you should consider installing gutters or French drains around the slab to prevent water from pooling around it. Also, it will be important for you to apply a protective sealant to the concrete. However, you should wait to apply the sealant until after the concrete has finished curing. If you apply the sealant too soon, it will inhibit the curing process, which can lead to damage.

Deciding to pour your own concrete can be an excellent project for homeowners to undertake. However, it is important for you to make sure to avoid overlooking some simple steps that might result in serious problems for the newly poured concrete. Fortunately, making sure to allow for the concrete to cure and protecting it against water damage can greatly reduce the chances that your concrete pouring project encounters unfortunate issues.