Hire a Contractor to Clean Up Flood Damage So You Can Avoid These Dangers

16 September 2015
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If your home is flooded from a big storm, you're anxious to assess the damage as soon as the waters recede. While you need to start drying your house out as quickly as possible, it's dangerous to rush in and begin the process by yourself. For one, you probably won't be very effective without a crew and commercial equipment. For another, there are dangers you may not even think about. Here are some reasons it's best to let a professional assess the damage and begin the cleanup.

Utility Dangers

Your utility lines should be inspected to make sure there is no danger of electrocution. If the storm knocked down power lines and they are under water, you could get shocked when you wade through the water inside your home. Even if the water has receded, your electrical wiring could be damaged if the water seeped into your electrical outlets. Natural gas lines are also a concern. If the flood moved heavy objects around inside or outside your home, a gas line may be damaged. Your home might be at risk of explosion or you could be overcome by gas fumes. An initial inspection will ensure your utilities are off or functioning properly and that your home is structurally sound and safe to enter.

Exposure to Toxins

If your home floods in warm weather, the heat and humidity in your house will cause mold to grow within a few days. That's why it is so important to bring in a crew to quickly get your floor, walls, and belongings dried out. If mold is present, it's important to wear protective gear so you don't inhale the spores. Mold isn't the only toxic danger. Flood water contains all kinds of contaminants depending on what is in your local environment. There will be microorganisms in the water that could cause an infection as well as industrial chemicals and contaminants picked up from the road and grass as the water flowed towards your home. Everything in your house that was in contact with the water needs to be individually cleaned and decontaminated.

Wildlife Encounters

Floods disrupt wildlife as their nests and homes get swept away. Animals may get into your home in search of food and shelter. If there is still some standing water in your home, snakes can slither around unseen. If you have fire ants in your area, they may be floating in groups on top of the water. Disrupted wildlife, and even lost pets, can be confused and aggressive in a flood situation. Dangerous snakes and other pests could be hiding anywhere in your home. In addition, the increased water may create a mosquito paradise. Also, if fish were carried into your home and yard, they will attract other animals, and once the fish decay, they create a bad odor and a health hazard.

You can stay safe from these dangers by hiring a water damage contractor to handle the repairs to your home. Cleaning up after a flood could involve ripping out carpeting, cutting out drywall, and hauling away furniture. It's hard work that's difficult to do without professional help, especially when you're working in a toxic environment. Contact a service like RTC Restoration today for help.