How Are Humidifiers Helpful During The Winter?

4 December 2014
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When winter time arrives and you must begin using the heat in your home, the atmosphere inside your home tends to change. The air may feel drier than before and this may bring about uncomfortable conditions. Fortunately, if you use a humidifier in your home during the winter, this problem can be resolved. These are some of the ways that a humidifier can be helpful in your home when the weather turns cold.

Moisturizes the Skin

The warm heat that is produced by a gas or electric furnace, fireplace or even baseboard heaters also makes the air inside a home extremely dry. This can lead to dry, flaky skin that may become irritated. Your lips may also crack and peel from daily exposure to the heat. 

However, by using a humidifier, moisture is added to the air inside a home. This helps keep your skin moist and healthy and can prevent dry, cracked lips as well.

Makes Breathing Easier

Winter is usually the time when colds, flu and other respiratory problems occur. For those who are ill, breathing inside a home that is full of dry air can be more difficult. This may lead to more frequent coughing or irritation of their nasal passages. Running a humidifier helps make breathing easier and helps prevent irritation of your throat and nose.

Creates Warmth

The moisture created by a humidifier actually makes a home feel warmer. Just like a humid summer day feels hotter than a dry summer day, humidity inside a home can also raise the temperature a few degrees. Running a humidifier during the winter may allow you to turn your heat down a few notches while still feeling warm and comfortable.

Protects Wood Finishes

If you have wooden furniture or flooring in your home, you may already be aware that the wood needs some humidity to remain in excellent condition. Even if the temperature is warm inside, if it is excessively dry it can cause wood to crack and chip. A humidifier can keep the humidity balanced in your home and protect your wood furniture and flooring.

Keeps Plants Healthy

Certain tropical house plants must have humidity to thrive and grow. Even if you water them frequently, the foliage can die and fall off if they remain in an overly dry environment. The moisture created by a humidifier will keep your indoor tropical plants in strong, beautiful condition so they continue to thrive.

When using a humidifier, it is important to keep it cleaned regularly and change the filter as needed. Always keep it on the lowest setting possible that creates enough humidity without making your home too damp and humid inside. Excessive humidity can trigger the growth of mold and dust mites in your home.

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