How To Construct Your Own Go-Kart Track

3 December 2014
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have a wicked need for speed, then you know that the safest and most legal way in the United States to burn that need is to drive race cars or go-karts. Since you probably do not have the money or enough yard to build your own raceway for standard race cars, you could build a track for go-karts instead. These popular, miniaturized race cars can go up to one hundred miles per hour, depending on how much horsepower is in the engine. To build a track on your own property that can handle racing go-karts and provide safety, you will need a few things first.

A Track Layout and Design

First, you will need to design the track. It should be wide enough for two go-karts to pass each other. You will want to have at least two curves in it because the curves encourage you to choose between slowing down or crashing into the guard rail. You will need some help measuring out the amount of yard you have available to you for this endeavor so you can plan the track to scale. Hire a paving contractor like Phend & Brown to help with this and any other track construction details, especially if you are unfamiliar with the use of tools.

Leveling the Yard vs. Creating Some Hills

Next, consider making the track with a few dips and rises in it. It is more fun to feel the go-kart drop away on a dip in the track and then rise back up to meet the road. You can start by having your contractor level the land in the area where your track will go. Then request that the contractor and crew create the dips and rises by pushing dirt back into mounds. 

Finally, Construct the Many Layers of the Track

Your contractor will smooth out the dirt track and begin to construct it. Aggregate goes on first, then the cement, and finally your contractor completes the asphalt paving, creating the perfect, smooth appearance of a road. Once the asphalt has hardened, you can take your new go-kart for a spin. If the track was laid properly, your riding and driving experience will be bump-free. Should you encounter any problems with the track, your contractor and his or her crew can return and fix it. However, the asphalt on your track should last several years to come because it is only bearing go-karts and not standard size cars.