How To Get The Most Out Of Your Air Compressor

2 December 2014
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Your air compressor is one of the most important tools in your garage. It powers tools, makes it easy to clean in hard to reach areas, and isn't hard to maintain. All the same, you may not be getting as much out of your air compressor as you could. Use the tips here to help you make the most of what you have, and make what you have last longer.

Install Hose Supports

If your air compressor hoses are on the ground right now, you're asking for an unnecessary expense in the way of hose replacements. There are several different ways you can support your hoses, from installing overhead splitters to curved supports on the walls. A hose that doesn't have any kind of support is bound to become caked with debris and chemicals which can make the hose rigid and prone to splitting. Make sure you properly support your hoses so you can extend their lives as much as possible.

  • Use overhead spring hangers when you need flexibility and reach in an area that isn't close to a wall.
  • Use curved hose supports that mount to the wall in order to keep hoses off the ground without having to bend them beyond their limits.
  • Install splitters so that you always have an air source nearby, but only plug in the actual hoses when they are needed.

Use Swivel Head Fittings

Air hoses tend to wear out near the fittings. This is because they are sometimes bent right at the fitting. Not only does this method destroy the hose, it also limits the amount of air the hose can supply simply because the area becomes kinked, thus reducing the amount of air that can get through. Swivel head fittings spin and fold so that the hose doesn't have to. You still get to use the hose where you need to, but you rely on the fitting rather than the flexibility of the hose. Your hose will last longer and you'll get more air out of it.

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

Keep your air compressor and air tools on a regular maintenance schedule. How often you do the maintenance will depend on how often you use the compressor and tools. Refer to manufacturer instructions for exact details on the type of maintenance you need to perform, but plan on at least oiling the machine and tools as well as draining water from the compressor, hoses, and tools.

Air compressors can add so much to your working abilities that it is worth using a few accessories and taking time out for maintenance in order to keep them in solid working order. From your air nozzles to the compressor itself, take care of the details so the details don't limit what you can do. (For more information on air compressors, contact a company such as Compressed Air Systems)